tecgnology extatico

xtático is a new watch brand whose shape emerges from industrial objects designed by engineers.

As every high quality brand, Extático concept relies on several studies consisting of drawings and sketches.

But in our case, studies are based in objects as diverse as car engines, screws, bolts or toothed saws. The sketches take form through the merger of  objects and its shapes, and the imagination of the designer, resulting in a new shape embodied in the form of a watchcase or even a movement plate.

Shapes are sometimes very complicated to produce. So our company must adopt  the most advanced industrial processes to reach these goals.

Extático products are manufactured and designed after a deep creative work. No catalogue items appear in modelling stage. From packaging to watch crown, every figure is transformed from sketchbook to the final manufactured machinery through a delicate handcraft process. The ultimate quality control is made in our offices in Alcoy.

Our concept also implies a permanent innovation effort in materials, manufacturing processes and updated new technologies.