New Technologies

tecgnology extatico

echnology applied to EXTático also means offering services as virtual reality in personalized private site, or applications intended to that purpose.

As it happens with any mobile device, user interaction through virtual reality is essential for conveying all aesthetic emotions radiated from watches. Many watch images are available through virtual reality and they can be handled from every angle, increasing or decreasing, so that you can observe all kind of shapes. You can project a realistic image of a particular watch on your wrist.

For achieving  new demands on environmental sustainability, we place animations and videos on menu bar instead of attaching instruction manuals in packaging. The same attitude is applied to guarantee, which is incorporated into each client’s private site.

In addition to tags for user’s manual or guarantee card, private site contains PDF formats, and also a tray input and output for notifications, a track record of technical services, contract, and even a section for marketing.