EXT Diver video. Improvements.


This video shows the improvements we have made ​​in the diver watch.

Zipper bezel with circle spring. This allows a better directionality of the bezel, with an adjustment of the rotational force.

Coping crown with relief logo.

Better adaptation of the crown to the watchcase. Improved security for sealing

Improved hands.

New buckle. But according to the design.

The diver will evolved the coming years. The idea is to incorporate our movement based on the 2824, with bridges and plate “made ​​in Spain”.

Gilberto Salas EXTático Manager
  1. Jeff Kolodny Responder

    I really wanted to order one of you watches. I tried to reach you several times but have never heard back from you. Are you still in business???

    • Gilberto Salas Responder

      Hi Jeff,

      Sorry that we don’t reply when you have tried to contact with us.

      Yes, we go on in business, but we don’t dispose of watches now. The new serial will be ready the next year at first.

      If you carry on interested in our watches, we will be delighted in offer them.

      Gilberto Salas

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