Old Titanium Juntor

old juntor 2

This watch was design and made by EXTático in 2009. It is the first concept of Juntor watches. It is just made from titanium watch case. Crown, buckle and atachement for straps is made from 316L.

old juntor 3

Sapphire crystal with red coating in both side was used for twice. It is done because to improve the light transparency looking at the dial.

old juntor 1

ETA 6498-1 put the watch case in, but whitout holder. The movement is clasped to the middle case. We have put new dial and hands in for this picture. The old dial was very ugly. 🙂

old juntor 4

Size is height 19,5 and widht 46mm but is very confortable for low weigtht

Gilberto Salas EXTático Manager
  1. odgu487@yahoo.de Responder

    a very nice clock! Is this clock to buy?


  2. Gilberto Salas Responder

    This serial was sold 2 years ago. You can look at the new juntor in web site http://extatico.es/?portfolio=new-page-builder

  3. N.T. Responder

    I saw on Oceantime that you may be coming up with this version of Juntor in Bronze .. If so, please contact me. I am interested in picking one up.

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